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The Truth About Canned Beer

Posted by The Brew Bus on August 12, 2015


Maybe we're a little biased, but we love craft beer in cans. We see it as the future go-to for beer across world. They can go anywhere, get cold in minutes, keep the beer sheltered from light, stack easily for shipping/storing, and won't shatter if you it drop it. When it came to selecting our own packaging, cans were an easy choice

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What You Need To Know About Florida Growlers

Posted by The Brew Bus on June 24, 2015

 64 ounce growlers in florida

Florida has been one of only 3 states in the country where the 64-ounce growler is banned. The serendipitous repeal date is set for July 1st, just days before the celebration of our nation’s independence – is there anything more American than cold beer made by a local brewery?

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Why Florida Needs Tasting Rooms

Posted by The Brew Bus on January 15, 2015


Much of the recent news surrounding craft beer may not make sense to the general public. We in the industry have trouble wrapping our heads around some of the laws (and proposed laws) that do nothing more than stifle an explosive, economically impactful, and culturally important industry.

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