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MOVE THAT BUS! Brew Bus Grand Opening

Posted by The Brew Bus on March 31, 2016

Opening a brick and mortar location has been a dream of ours since we started our journey 5 years ago. That dream has finally come true and on Saturday, April 16th we’re inviting the community to our grand opening ceremony Move That Bus!

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Beach Days in Tampa Bay Are Back

Posted by The Brew Bus on March 29, 2016


It was a long, cold winter in Florida but we finally made it to warmer weather. Beach Day is one of our most popular events and it's back again starting Sunday, April 3rd. Avoid all the crazy traffic and sit back and relax while we drive you to the Beaches of St. Pete.

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Irish Beer, Explained

Posted by The Brew Bus on March 16, 2016

Irish Red Ale

It may be an American tradition to dye light lagers green in celebration of St. Patrick, but brewing beer on the Emerald Island has a deep history that most Americans probably don’t know about. Porters, Stouts and our favorite, the Irish Red all have deep roots here. In fact, various styles of beer and ale have been made in Ireland since the Viking Age.

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