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Why We Put Our Beer In Cans

Posted by The Brew Bus on January 21, 2015


Visit any local package store and you can find beer packaged in countless different shapes, colors, and materials. From unique bottle shapes, slim cans, color changing ink, mini-kegs, and the infamous wide-mouth, everyone in the industry tries to differentiate their packaging from the competition in one way or another. But when it came time for Brew Bus to design our packaging, marketing gimmicks definitely took a back seat.

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Celebrate Nutella Day with Brew Bus Brewing

Posted by on January 20, 2015

Don't miss your chance to try Brew Bus Brewing's limited release of Chocolate Wasted Hazelnut Spread Porter. This beer will only be available on tap Thursday, 2/5/15 at World of Beer in Westchase. Brewed with hazelnut, cocoa nibs and vanilla, this unique porter is just as smooth as the famous brand of hazelnut spread that our lawyers told us we couldn't name. Who wants to get chocolate wasted?

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Why Florida Needs Tasting Rooms

Posted by The Brew Bus on January 15, 2015


Much of the recent news surrounding craft beer may not make sense to the general public. We in the industry have trouble wrapping our heads around some of the laws (and proposed laws) that do nothing more than stifle an explosive, economically impactful, and culturally important industry.

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Brew Bus USA 2014 Year In Review

Posted by on January 15, 2015
Cheers to 2014
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Book The Brew Bus For The Ultimate Tampa Bay Bachelor Party

Posted by on January 07, 2015

Finding out that your best friend is getting married definitely has its pros and cons. Nobody wants to lose their best wingman but don’t cry into your beer just yet, you still have the obligatory best-bachelor-party-ever to throw. With so much to do in Tampa Bay, it’s hard to pack all those strip clubbing, bar hopping, cigar puffing ideas into one testosterone-filled night. The Brew Bus has you covered.

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